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When it comes to the most popular scientists of modern times, there are two names that are found more often than any other; Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. While there aren’t many books written by Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking has endowed us with a plethora of books to read and enjoy. And that is why we have compiled a list of books by Stephen Hawking other than A Brief History of Time. He usually wrote books about scientific development and future possibilities but what made his books unique was his eloquence.

A brief history of Time is Stephen Hawking’s most famous and successful book. It was Stephen Hawking’s best-selling book. And rightly so. Hawking has turned a complex scientific idea into such a delectable and enjoyable bite that the book deserves all the praise. But often his other literary creations are overshadowed by this behemoth. 

So we have listed down some books by Stephen Hawking that many people may have missed out. These books range from mathematical discoveries to a higher dimension to time travel, something we expect from one of the most brilliant minds to have existed on earth. 

Black Holes and Baby Universes 

This book by Stephen Hawking is a collection of his essays and lectures that were given about Blackholes, Hawking’s most favorite cosmic object. The fascinating ideas and theories you’ll find in this book will blow your mind and keep you hooked. 

Black holes and baby universes

Hawking talks about the possibilities of blackholes acting as nodes from which new Universes could emerge. This also conveys that our own Universe might be inside a black hole! Not just science, but he also talks about his own younger days and life before ALS.

Brief Answers to Big Questions 

The latest book by Stephen Hawking that was released after his death (and not his last book, more about that later in the article). This is one book I’d recommend people to read first if they haven’t read any book by Stephen Hawking. The reason for that is the ease of reading this book. 

Brief answers to big questions.

Brief Answers to Big Questions has been divided into chapters that are “big questions” about the Universe and the future of mankind. Hawking, with his knowledge, answers these questions in simple language that is fun and easy to understand. Definitely a book to start with.

This book was written by compiling his essays, lectures and interaction with people when he was alive.

The Universe in a Nutshell 

This book is regarded as the sequel to the massively popular book, A Brief History of Time. This book is all about the Universe we live in. So, anyone who wants to know more about our home, this is a must-read. Also, this book features some complex ideas and theories so not a great book for starters. 

The Universe in a nutshell. Books by Stephen Hawking

Some of the concepts discussed in this book are the Superstring theory, the p-Brane theory, discussion about higher dimensions. One of the most interesting books by Stephen Hawking. Hawking also talks about combining Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and Richard Feynman’s Multiple History theory. Read to find out.

A Briefer History of Time 

Books by Stephen Hawking

No, it is not a typo. A briefer History of Time is an update to A Brief History of Time. It was published in 2005 in collaboration with Leonard Mlodinow. The book is about the universe and all the recent discoveries in physics that happened post the first book was written.
The book discusses the Big Bang, the String Theory, etc all in a super easy and palatable way. If you loved a Brief History of Time, why not read a briefer one?

On the Shoulders of Giants.

This could be called a book was written partially by Stephen Hawking. This is all about standing on the shoulder of giants, the great scientists whose discoveries allowed modern scientists like Hawking himself to work upon. The book mentions the works of great scientists that have shaped the modern world.

On the shoulders of a giant. Books by Stephen Hawking

The scientists and their works mentioned in the book include Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. It also features five essays by Stephen Hawking himself. 

The Future of Spacetime 

A book that will defiantly beloved by science fiction lovers. This book is mind porn as it features the discussions and essays by these cutting edge mind and what they think about the future of humans and scientific endeavor’s possibilities be.

Future of spacetime by stephen hawking

What’s more amazing about this book is it features not one but 5 scientists each discussion one interesting concept like the chronological protection, speculation about the future, changing the past and more.

God Created the Integers.

For all the people who are intrigued by mathematics, this one is for you. This book contains excerpts from the most important works in the field of mathematics. Some mathematicians and their concepts are mentioned in the book Euclid, Archimedes, Newton, Alan Turin, Rene Descartes, etc.

God created the integers Books by Stephen Hawking

If you never gave a thought about how intriguing and fascinating mathematics is, this book will make you think about it. This book by Stephen Hawking makes you believe the quote, “God created the integers, rest is created by man.” 

The Grand Design 

Another book by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow that comes under the “complex” section. This book discusses some of the mind-bending theories such as the 11 dimension M-Theory. But I have included this book as it offers a larger, philosophical view towards the universe. Hawking says that we don’t need a God to explain the origin of the Universe. The laws of physics are fine-tuned in a way that will allow the Big Bang to occur and hence given birth to the universe.

The Grand design

This book will change your perspective towards the universe and the way you look at life. So go ahead, grab this one and enjoy a trip into the Universe.

The upcoming book of Stephen Hawking 

Unlocking the Universe. Books by Stephen Hawking

Brief Answers to Big question was the latest book by Stephen Hawking and it was a massive success. For all the people waiting for more, the wait isn’t for that long. Another book by Stephen and Lucy Hawking, titled “Unlocking the Universe” in on its way and is scheduled to release in 2020. I, for one, cannot wait to unlock the Universe. What about you?

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