Animal Farm

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a great novella that is perfect for people looking to get into reading. Here is why.

You may be looking to get into reading. But for a beginner reader and someone who has no practice of reading, it can be very difficult. Yes, I say precise because no matter how interesting the story is, sitting idle and reading can be a difficult task for non-seasoned readers. And then comes the kind of book you are starting with. Getting a book that is small in content is the first option people go to, but if the book is not interesting enough, it can backfire. That is why I am writing this article about the famous novella by George Orwell, Animal Farm. Animal Farm is a great short story that is fun to read, interesting at all pages and drives a deep message into your mind that will convey the importance of reading books. 

This is not going to be a book review, as that would defeat the purpose of the article. I want to describe to you the value of the book and its story, its origin, and the meaning it holds. The greatest advantage reading has over any other form of media is that it lasts longer.

Reading Animal Farm

Humans have been watching movies and listening to music for around 100 years. But we’ve been reading for thousands of years. That is what makes reading so pervasive into our mind and our thinking. No matter how fast reader you are, it will always take you more than 5-6 hours to complete a novella at the fastest pace. But people stay with their books for days, even months, enjoying the story. They let the story seep through their head and mix in their mind. That is why reading is so important. 

So if you are about to begin reading, Animal Farm is a great start for you. The first thing that I have made sure is that the story is very short. The copy that I had had only 80 pages or so. So you don’t have to worry about reading something very long. The second great thing about this George Orwell’s creation is that it has very simple language. So it is very easy to take in and won’t require you to re-read the passage again and again. You’ll appreciate the simplicity of the language after you go though a page of a Charles Dickens novel. But don’t worry, as you read and read, you’ll want more complicated wordings.

Animal Farm
Reading a Book is great.

The third and most important reason why I chose Animal Farm is because the message it wedges through your mind and perception. A great story is something that can convey a message from the author without being preachy. Those are the stories that stay with the readers. And Orwell has successfully done that. There are great characters in the story that represent the varied human personality. There is good and evil in the story and a final message that will hit your hard. 

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The Philosophy.

Although I will not talk about any crucial portion of the story, I will discuss the general philosophy that Animal Farm wants to convey. This will not reveal the story in anyway but if you want to read the novella without knowing anything about it, I’d suggest you leave this section. If not, then go ahead.

The theme of the story is political satire. It has represented the dark and grim reality of the real life politics in the form of a fable. It tells the story of how corruption is inevitable. And it also says that the reason corruption is inevitable is not because of the people, it is because the way our society works. Be it Communism or Capitalism, where there are powerful people at the highest order, corruption cannot be removed. The act of using power to their own amusement is something that emerges with power.

George Orwell Animal Farm BBC
George Orwell

The novella was written with the Russian political condition in mind. Orwell chose the place of Sussex, England and changed the transition of power from people to people to people to animals. It tells the story about a totalitarian government and how it manipulates the people it governs for their own favors. Since this book was used as a symbol for anti-communism, the book was banned right after the release in Russia. It is also banned in Cuba and China. The ban proves the point the book makes, manipulating the law to make sure the power is secure and the rule persists. The message Animal Farm gives is Power Corrupts.

Why This Book?

The whole message of the book is a very profound one. It is hard for any other book or story to achieve similar message or philosophy of that caliber in such a simple and precise manner. That is the genius of Orwell. I may have suggested another book by the same author, 1984, which is a story about the dystopian future that humans live in. Although short and concise, the philosophy and message is a bit subtle there and not for starting your reading journey. But don’t worry, once you’re into reading, you’ll be finishing War and Peace and The Lord of The Rings in no time. 

So get the book, read it and enjoy the deep and hitting message encapsulated in a beautiful and fun story. Welcome to the world of reading, where reading can change your world. Mention your thoughts about the book and the article in the comments section below.

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