All the books by Tim Dorsey in reading Order

Tim Dorsey was born on January 25, 1961, in Carmel, Indiana but relocated to Florida when he was 1. He is well known for writing the Serge A. Storms book series that features a crazy and lunatic serial killer in Florida, his lunatics, and his hilarious adventures that are sure to make you laugh out loud along with Agent Mahoney out to chase Serge and stop him from getting his next victim.

Let’s dive into the Complete List of Tim Dorsey Books in Order without further ado. Here is the Complete List of Tim Dorsey Books in Order:

Serge A. Storms Series

This series has a total of 27 novels and some people may call it the chaotic masterpiece by Tim Dorsey. This entire series is about a crazy, deranged, and insane serial killer who also happens to be a historian with a profound love for Florida along with his shenanigans filled with adventure and comedy.

Florida Roadkill

This book indulges in several genres including crime thriller, murder mystery, comedy, dark humor, etc., and may not be suitable for everyone due to the vulgar expressions, fast-paced story, and more. It may be a peculiar story but it is undoubtedly fun to read and quite interesting.

Hammerhead Ranch Motel

The story plot in this book is more chaotic but in a nice and enjoyable way along with acid-high vibrant characters, with incidents that will make you laugh your guts out, everyone in the story is crazy and that’s the best part.

Orange Crush

Orange Crush’s plot is difficult to sum up, but consider it a political drama in Tim Dorsey’s style. The plot centers on the best and oddest forms of political deceit. The protagonist is the Lt.

Governor of Florida, Marlon Conrad who is wealthy, attractive, and doesn’t care about his job gets deployed to Kosovo, where he witnesses the horrors of combat, and with his comrade dead, things get worse. This book portrays some of the most intriguing characters you’ve ever read, along with some of the oddest and most fascinating political scenes.

Triggerfish Twist

This book takes everything from the first 3 books and makes it weirder and stupid with moments that will make you laugh your guts out. The only way to experience this is to immerse yourself in Dorsey’s completely irrational universe and portrayal of Florida.

The Stingray Shuffle

This book reintroduces the psychotic killer and madman Serge A. Storms who is even more unpredictable and erratic due to not taking his meds.

This means that Serge is now more dangerous than ever and is a threat to everyone including criminals like mobsters, drug dealers, gang members, and more because he doesn’t make any exceptions when it comes to beating the life out of his victims.

Cadillac Beach

This book shows how the psychotic and lunatic madman who is off his meds decides to investigate the murder mystery of his Grandfather. The adventures of Serge and his friend Lenny filled with chaos and entertainment are sure to make you laugh yet again.

Torpedo Juice

This book shows how Serge is tired of his boring and repetitive adventures and decides to leave all the madness behind in the Sunshine State, and having found the ideal partner, he decided to settle down and start a new chapter.

However, things aren’t that simple in his unpredictable life. The adventures and misfortunes in his extraordinary life will make you laugh your guts out, again.

The Big Bamboo

Since things aren’t going well for Serge in life or love, he feels that Florida just isn’t enough and thus convinces the folks of Hollywood to come and work with him creating even more chaos and troubles as if it wasn’t already enough going on.

Hurricane Punch

This book has one of the most exciting and crazy plots. The city of Sunshine State is in great danger as a storm is progressing to the coast and life is becoming difficult for Serge as Agent Mahoney is chasing him again.

Atomic Lobster

As hilarious as the title may sound this book brings a reunion of the brilliant characters and portrays the craziness, joy, and drugs, and along with that comes a familiar woman named Rachel.

Nuclear Jellyfish

One of Serge’s priorities in life is to give the town the attention it deserves, however, his ways to ensure that do not seem to be ethical and may cause mayhem. While reading through this book you’ll come across scenes and characters that are sure to make you laugh your guts out, again.

Gator A-Go-Go

With another hilarious title, this book presents yet another bizarre adventure in the life of Serge during spring break when he will bring down a beach party. This book brings back some old characters into the spotlight as well.

Electric Barracuda

In the thirteenth novel, the psychotic serial killer Serge is close to being caught by the authorities with the help of Agent Mahoney. Will they actually catch Serge? This is where the story gets even more interesting and fun to read.

Now that you have an understanding of what all the books in the series are about, the rest of the books from this series continue the hilarious and interesting adventures in the life of Serge.

All the remaining books from this series are mentioned below in chronological/reading order:

  1. When Elves Attack
  2. Pineapple Grenade
  3. The Riptide Ultra-Glide
  4. Tropical Warning
  5. Tiger Shrimp Tango
  6. Shark Skin Suite
  7. Coconut Cowboy
  8. Clownfish Blues
  9. The Pope of Palm Beach
  10. No Sunscreen for the Dead
  11. Naked Came the Florida Man
  12. Tropic of Stupid
  13. Mermaid Confidential
  14. The Maltese Iguana


This article has all the books by Tim Dorsey which have crazy titles, plots, and chaotic yet pleasing characters that will make you laugh your guts out every time. His works may not be appreciated by everyone and quite frankly, they may not be appropriate for all readers. The series is known to be a chaotic masterpiece and rightly so. Sit back and be prepared to laugh out loud while reading the series. Happy reading!

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