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Tami Hoag is renowned for her romance and thriller genres and has been listed as the #1 International Bestselling Author of over 30 books and has sold millions of copies of those books worldwide.

She has written many book series and standalone novels that are worth a read. In this article, you will find all of Tami Hoag’s series in reading order along with her standalone novels. Let’s dive into the Complete List of Tami Hoag Books in Order without further ado.

Here is the Complete List of Tami Hoag Books in Order.

Broussard And Fourcade Series

This is an excellent crime thriller series with 2 main characters, Annie Broussard and Nick Fourcade who must solve complex murder mysteries, however, that is not the only challenge they must face, the emotional weight of these investigations is what makes it interesting and relatable to many readers.

Begin with: A Thin Dark Line- This book introduces the protagonists, the two cops, Nick and Annie. When a criminal walks free and the entire department is shaken, but unable to do anything, Nick is willing to do whatever it takes to put the criminal back where he belongs.

On the other hand, although Annie wants the criminal behind bars, she is hesitant to do anything to protect the innocent from punishment. The book portrays the similarities and differences between the two protagonists, new relationships, threats, emotional rollercoasters, and thrill.

Here are all the books in chronological/reading order from the Broussard and Fourcade Series:

  1. A Thin Dark Line
  2. The Boy
  3. Bad Liar

Rainbow Chasers Series

This series portrays a romantic story between two opposite people and even though their differences try to keep them apart, it only brings them closer.

Begin with: Heart of Gold- This book portrays the story of Faith Kincaid who is at risk after testifying against her husband in a troubled marriage. She wants a simple and quiet life with her daughter in a small town, but it is not that simple, she and her daughter face troubles and are in danger.

That’s when agent Shane Callan is sent as her bodyguard. This situation brings out some good and bad things but this is where a love story begins to brew.

Here are all the books in chronological/reading order from the Rainbow Chasers Series:

  1. Heart of Gold
  2. Keeping Company
  3. Reilly’s Return
  4. Magic

Kovac and Liska Series

This series portrays two agents who get over their differences while solving horrible, gruesome, and terrible crimes. This series gives us an excellent and unique mix of murder mysteries and crime thriller plots.

Begin with: Ashes to Ashes- This is another amazing crime thriller story about “The Cremator”, a psychotic serial killer who burns his victims alive and leaves no witnesses.

The two protagonists, Kate Conlan, a former FBI agent, and John Quinn, an FBI special agent must work together and put aside all differences to stop this dangerous and psychotic serial killer before he gets his next victim.

Here are all the books in chronological/reading order from the Kovac and Liska Series:

  1. Ashes to Ashes
  2. Dust to Dust
  3. Prior Bad Acts / Dead Sky
  4. The 1st Victim
  5. The 9th Girl
  6. The Bitter Season

Elena Estes Series

This series presents an excellent crime/thriller plot, intriguing characters, and the protagonist and ex-cop, Elena Estes with a complicated past in search of a glimmer of hope and a future to live happily in. However, things change as she starts helping others, saving lives, and preventing hopelessness in others which gives her hope.

Begin with: Dark Horse- This book features a crime thriller breathtaking plot that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. A girl called Erin went missing and her step-sister reaches out to Elena Estes, an ex-cop who must fight against time if she hopes to solve the mystery and save the girl from a killer.

Here are all the books in chronological/reading order from the Elena Estes Series:

  1. Dark Horse
  2. The Alibi Man

Deer Lake Series

This series has 2 books with a perfect and effortless mix of romance and crime thriller in the small town of Minnesota, with intriguing characters and a great plot.

Begin with: Night Sins- Deer Lake, a small and peaceful town in Minnesota where people live in peace and harmony with minimal to no crime, however, the people are terrified when a boy goes missing.

Special agent Megan Malloy is assigned to this case together with Mitch Holt who is the town’s Chief of Police. This entire book is filled with mystery, action, thrill, and romance which makes it very interesting and fun to read.

Here are all the books in chronological/reading order from the Deer Lake Series:

  1. Night Sins
  2. Guilty as Sin

Oak Knoll Series

The Oak Knoll Series is another excellent murder mystery series that takes gruesomeness to new heights. There are some very unpleasant moments in this series, and if you’re looking for something extreme, get this book series without hesitation.

Begin with: Deeper Than the Dead- This book brings us a story of gruesome crimes which begins when a group of children and their teacher discover a woman’s body with her eyes and mouth glued. Tony Mendez, an FBI agent is assigned to this case, and as the investigation continues the mysteries begin to unfold it will blow your mind.

Here are all the books in chronological/reading order from the Oak Knoll Series:

  1. Deeper Than the Dead
  2. Secrets to the Grave
  3. Down the Darkest Road

Doucet Series

The Doucet series brings us the story of two people falling in love through fate. The characters are portrayed beautifully, the story is fast-paced and extremely interesting to read. If you like love stories, this is a great choice.

Begin with: The Restless Heart- If you’re looking to read something short but intense, this is a love story of Danielle and a Cajun Hunk, Remy Doucet, which begins when he shows up instead of a nanny to babysit some children.

Here are all the books in chronological/reading order from the Doucet Series:

  1. The Restless Heart
  2. Lucky’s Lady
  3. Cry Wolf

Quaid Horses Series

This is another brilliant love story with great characters and an excellent plot. This is a compact book series with just 3 novels and can be a great option for quicker reads.

Begin with: Rumor Has It: This book beautifully portrays a classic love story that may reach your heart with two characters Nick Leone and Katie Quaid who are destined to be together but like every love story, they too have obstacles and difficulties which they must overcome, along with secrets that kept both their hearts to themselves. However, things change as they meet and get to know each other.

Here are all the books in chronological/reading order from the Quaid Horses Series:

  1. Rumor Has It
  2. Man of Her Dreams
  3. Tempestuous

Standalone Books

Besides having written multiple book series, Tami Hoag has written over 10 brilliant standalone novels, which are definitely worth a read.

Here is the list of all the standalone novels by Tami Hoag

  1. The Trouble with J.J. (Hennessey Series)
  2. McKnight in Shining Armor
  3. Straight from the Heart (Lynn Shaw Series)
  4. The Last White Knight (Lynn Shaw Series)
  5. Mismatch
  6. Sarah’s Sin
  7. Heart of Dixie
  8. Still Waters
  9. Taken by Storm
  10. Dark Paradise
  11. Kill the Messenger
  12. Cold Cold Heart


This article has all of Tami Hoag’s novels from book series to standalone novels, including crime thrillers and love stories that are incredibly interesting with intriguing characters and excellent story plots.

All her novels have shown her versatility and brilliant writing style that can mesmerize readers and help them be emotionally connected to the characters.

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