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Peter J James was born on 22nd August 1948 in Brighton, England, and is known to be a great novelist, specializing in crime fiction. He is also known to be a die-hard fan of fast cars and has owned several of them with an international racing license and has participated in a few car races.

Coming back to his novels, Mr. James has written 36 novels including the International best-seller, crime-thriller series which has sold millions of copies worldwide, and has also been a New York Times Bestseller.

In this article, you will find all of Peter James’ novels, with the series in reading order along with the standalone novels. Without further ado, let’s dive into The Complete List of Peter James Books in Order:

Roy Grace Series

This is a huge series with a total of 18 books and is said to be Peter James’ most well-known and prominent book series. The series features Roy Grace, the best detective in Brighton with a lot of things going on in his life including his missing wife who mysteriously disappeared without a clue and Roy is unaware of whether she is alive or dead.

The plot is incredibly interesting and addicting to read with constant tension and exhilarating suspense that makes the series a banger.  It is renowned for its attention to detail, well-drawn characters, and sophisticated stories along with its realistic and accurate depiction of police work which simply keeps a reader’s interest at a peak. If you like thrilling crime fiction, this series is highly recommended.

Here are the books in chronological/reading order from the Roy Grace Series:

Dead Simple

The book features Roy Grace, the detective on his first major case. What was only supposed to be a stag-night prank ended up with the groom missing and his friends dead. With only 3 days to the wedding, Detective Roy Grace was contacted by the distressed fiancée and the only man who knew something wouldn’t say a word, for a man’s loss can be another man’s fortune. The book will reveal secrets of what happened on that mysterious stag night and who was behind it.

Looking Good Dead

This book features Roy Grace, a detective of Brighton police who is investigating the murder of a young woman whose head was removed in the brutal act. Meanwhile, Ben, a young father while traveling on a train finds a CD on the train and upon viewing it finds out that it is a videotape of the headless woman’s murder and the people who did the act are now threatening Ben and his family and kidnap them to make another video for an international snuff video. Detective Roy Grace and his team are on this investigation and manage to save the day.

Not Dead Enough

This book features Roy Grace, a detective of Brighton police investigating the murder of Katie Bishop, and supposedly, Brian Bishop, her husband was 60 miles away, asleep when his wife was murdered, or at least that’s what Detective Grace thinks. Through the investigation, he soon figures out that Brian Bishop somehow managed to be in two places at the same time, but the question was, how? As Detective Grace digs deeper into the supposedly respectable lives of the Bishops, he soon understands that everything is not how it seemed. As you read along, the book reveals the mystery of how Brian Bishops managed to do what he did.

Dead Man’s Footsteps

The book presents the morning of 9/11 when a failed businessman and Ronnie Wilson see their chance to disappear and get a new identity in another Country. About 6 years later, Roy Grace, a Detective of Brighton Police investigates the discovery of a woman’s skeleton in a storm drain in Brighton leading to an inquiry that spans the globe. Detective Grace ends up in a race against time in hopes to save the life of a woman being hunted like an animal in the streets of Brighton.

Dead Tomorrow

This book features Roy Grace, a Detective of Brighton Police leading an investigation after finding 2 teen dead bodies washed ashore, missing vital organs. The investigation leads him to uncover the Eastern European racket and the black market of organ brokers.

Dead Like You

He has been haunted ever since his wife disappeared and has tried to find out what happened that night, and now after all these years he finally was going to move on with his girlfriend, but on New Year’s Eve a woman was raped, and a week later another one was attacked, and both were missing a shoe. These incidents took Detective Grace back to 1997 when there were similar cases and the suspect was known as the ‘Shoe man’. His investigation led him to believe that it was the same man and that these attacks were related. He had to dwell on his past to find answers and turn a page that he thought he finally got over.

Dead Man’s Grip

This book features Carly Chase who fell into a terrible fatal car accident that killed a teenage American boy from Brighton University. Post the accident Carly discovered that the other 2 drivers involved in the accident were tortured and killed and she most likely could be next. The boy had contacts internationally and among them were crime groups, one of them swore to get revenge.  Detective Roy Grace takes up the investigation and suggests she go into hiding, but the enemy was a step ahead of them.

Not Dead Yet

A stalker threatens the Life of Gaia, he has already attempted to kill her once, and is sure to do it again. It is the duty of Detective Roy Grace to protect her at all costs.

Dead Man’s Time

Detective Roy Grace has to face his biggest challenge yet, in a race against time to stop a deadly killer, Gavin Daly, connecting to the antique world of Brighton, the crimes of Spain’s Marbella, and New York.

Want You Dead

30-year-old Cameron meets a rich and handsome 35-year-old Bryce Laurent through an online dating platform. Soon the pages turn and it turned out that he wasn’t who he claimed to be, and now he was obsessed with destroying her and everything she loved by fire and it was Detective Grace’s job to prevent that from happening.

You Are Dead

A potential serial killer for the first time in over eighty years victimizes Logan Somerville and Detective Grace is following the investigation leading to him to something that holds the key to past and present crimes.

Love You Dead

With progressions on the case of Detective Grace’s wife, a new and dangerous threat emerges with the possibility of a black widow operating in the city and no one truly knows how dangerous she can be.

Need You Dead

A dead woman’s body is found in a bath in Brighton, at first it seems simple with a prime suspect, however, soon the mystery unfolds and with a sudden turn of events, it turns out to be a much bigger mess than Detective Grace could have imagined.

Dead If You Don’t

Detective Roy Grace faces his most complex case yet where a successful businessman, Kipp Brown’s son is kidnapped and a ransom amount is demanded for his release, as simple as it was at first, soon the case unfolds and Mr. Grace finds himself in a dark criminal dungeon which is a menace.

Dead at First Sight

2 men get scammed by a woman that does not even exist, meanwhile, a wealthy divorcee commits suicide, and Detective Roy Grace is called to take charge of the investigation and soon realizes that the internet has cruel scams by identity thefts and threatens to murder anyone who tries to expose them.

Find Them Dead

Meg Magellon is summoned for jury service, however, it turns out to be a trial of a major drug mafia who is well prepared to do whatever it takes to walk free and now threatens the life of Meg Magellan and her daughter Laura unless she declares him innocent.

Left You Dead

Niall and Eden take a quick stop at the supermarket as usual, however, Eden never returns with the supplies, and no one has heard from her ever since. This mysterious disappearance might be one of Detective Grace’s most mysterious cases ever.

Picture You Dead

Detective Roy Grace finds himself amidst an unfamiliar and seemingly respectable world of fine art, however, beneath that lies deception, greed, and severe violence. Harry and Freya soon discover that their dream is quickly turning into a nightmare.

Cold Hill Series

Peter James is known to be a great novelist specializing in crime fiction, however, in this series, he decided to use the same thrilling suspense style of writing to create a horror series that is genuinely creepy and addictive to read.

This series is aside from the usual crime fiction and police novels and showcases his skills for writing gripping and suspenseful stories furthermore. This is an excellent pick if you love thrilling, packed with suspense horror novels.

Here are the books in chronological/reading order from the Cold Hill Series:

  1. The House on Cold Hill
  2. The Secret of Cold Hill

Standalone Novels

Last but not least, here are all of the standalone novels written by Peter James:

  1. Billionaire
  2. Biggles The Storybook
  3. Possession
  4. Dreamer
  5. Sweet Heart
  6. Twilight
  7. Prophecy
  8. Host
  9. Alchemist
  10. Getting Wired!
  11. The Truth
  12. Denial
  13. Faith
  14. Perfect People
  15. Absolute Proof
  16. I Follow You


In this article, you will find all of Peter James’ books, with the book series in reading order so you don’t have to worry which one is next from the sequel, along with his standalone books all of which are great pieces of work and are undoubtedly worth a read.

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