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Sometimes it is very difficult for us to express what we feel for the special one in our lives. Words seem inadequate, feelings take over and we are left speechless. That’s why we have curated quotes for expressing you mean so much to me. 

These quotes are a 100% original as they are written by the talented writers at Wordsverse. Feel free to take these quotes and use them to appreciate the presence of your special one in your life. 

Send them these quotes are messages, write them letters, or just tell them these quotes in person and we are sure that the special one of your life will get a special feeling. Tell them how much they mean to you. Another great thing about these quotes is that they are unisexual, meaning these quotes work for both men and women. 

The quotes that are featured here will express how important then another person is, they mean the world to you and why they are so special for you. These quotes express the love and significance of the other person in your life. Be it your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, father, mother, anyone. Tell them how important they are in your life and how they mean the world for you.

Quotes to express how much you love them

  1. I would take on the world for you because the world outside means nothing to me. You are the world to me. 
  2. I would not want to miss a second of us for the time I spend with you is what I call life. 
  3. Everything ends and that is true for my love for you, but my love will end when eternity ends.
  4. Love for me is the presence of you in my life, and what is life without the presence of love
  5. Time and place do not matter because anytime is beautiful and any place is wonderful if it is accompanied by you.
  6. I want you to know that it is not the home where you live, it is my heart that is your home.
  7. Now I know that my prayers never went in vain, for if it did, you’d not be here with me.
  8. I always thought that love was overrated, that love was clichéd. And now after meeting you, all my beliefs were gone.
  9. I know that falling hurts, but falling in love with you was the most beautiful thing I’d ever done.
  10. I appreciate life every time I look into your eyes and can’t express enough you mean so much to me.
  11. Your love is like a flame, keeper of my joy. It keeps the dark away and prevents me from going blind.
  12. Your love is the cure and your love is the fever. And I want to keep it both.
  13. It is crazy how someone else comes in your life and makes you care more about their life than your own. 
  14. You are the colors with which I paint my dreams.
  15. Why do you have to be so damn beautiful that even the stars look mediocre?
  16. People say that eyes speak, but your eyes speak volumes of beautiful poetry.
  17. How can I describe your calm voice brings a raging storm inside my heart?
  18. You are the passion that I seek, the eternal fire of bliss. You are the crimson sun touching the see, the firefly in the dark sky. 
  19. I’d lose everything I have but never you because you mean everything to me. 
  20. I believe in true love and it is this belief of mine that has brought me to you. 
  21. If the world ended tomorrow, I would not regret it for a second, because I have lived my entire life with you in just a second. 
  22. A kiss from you is all I desire to pull me out of my blues and feel you mean so much to me.
  23. A thousand faces pass me by and I don’t bother to look. But I start looking frantically if I get a hint of you.
  24. I could bring the moon and stars for you, but to be away from you even for a second is unbearable for me. 
  25. What do I love about you? A more apt question would be what I don’t love about you. And an apt answer for that would be “nothing”. 

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For your family 

  1. No matter how tough things get, I will stand by my family, because family is everything
  2. Family is always made of different people with different thinking and ideology. The reason why everyone stays together is because of the glue called love.
  3. My mother, my dear mother, it is your face that comes to my mind when my heart is at unrest. 
  4. The wall that stands just behind you is the father, ready to hold you whenever you fall, but always letting you stand yourself first.
  5. I am glad that I have a brother who knows what I like, what I love, and what I hate and does the exact things to make me irritated. 
  6. We all have two homes, one is physical where we live and the other is metaphysical called family, without the family, home becomes a dull house.
  7. Family is the necessity that becomes evident when we need warmth, in a shining cold world. 
  8. Family isn’t about people whom you know, family is a group of people who know you.
  9. The only ones that I know, I can trust and I can love blindly is my family
  10. The family will not be there whenever you want them, but they sure are there whenever you need them.
  11. It is not seeking everything in love, but when you have a loving family, you have everything.
  12. It is not the relationship we have with our family that makes it worth having, it is the memories that make these relations grow strong.
  13. Family is not merely a biological, DNA connection. It is the connection of shared laughter and cries, of shared joys and pain.
  14. Family stays together despite having differences is because there is one common thing between all; mutual love.
  15. The place where love begins with life but never ends is called family.
  16. Each member of a family is like a piece of brick. When together, they form a strong wall to take on any storm.
  17. Family is rarely of a group of related people. It is a group of love, support, and care.
  18. A family that can go through difficult times together is a family that has strong bonds,
  19. When you feel like you can express your true self freely without the fear of being judged or accepted, you are with your family.
  20. A loving mother, a caring father, a supportive bother or sister is the recipe to make a child great.
  21. Family makes you the person you should be to be successful in this world.
  22. There are times when things get difficult in a family, but the family is a beautiful rainbow and you have to witness the rain before you get the colors.
  23. Nothing is cooler than the love and trust you get from your family when there’s heat. Nothing is warmer than the comfort and care you get from your family is cold and dull days.
  24. No matter how hard it is, one should always love and care for the members of the family, because there is an unspoken trust that must never be broken.
  25. You can fly high and reach the skies because if you fall, the family will be there to hold you and send you flying up again.

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