20 Quotes for Broken heart.

Everyone in the planet who has loved at some point of their lives has also met heartbreak. No relationships are perfect and some break before others. This breaking of relation is what people call heartbreak. Arguably, the best thing a broken heart can do is express itself and that is what we will be talking about. We have complied a list of 20 quotes for broken heart that are original and will help you relate. Not just that, but we have also added a poetic version of the same quote to add a little more to it.

These are 20 short heartbreak quotes that will aid anyone who is going through a break up. It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, the pain of losing someone does not discriminate. And it is also very difficult to motivate a broken heart. But maybe these 20 quotes for broken heart may just do the job? You be the judge of it after you have finished reading it. Here are the quotes. 

20 Quotes for Broken Heart. 

Quote 1 – Healed By Time. 

The memories was the thing I wanted from you, but it was a heartbreak that I received. Now the pain is unbearable because the pains that are healed by time are the worst. 

Would have preferred your memories, 
but the heartbreak you gave would suffice.
A bit of mercy would have been kind, 
for worst are the pain that are only healed by time.

Quote 2 – Forever Ends.

Our forever ended so soon, but why is that it is so difficult for me to get over it, while it was so easy for you?

Our forever would end so soon, who knew? 
But what makes it so difficult for me 
is to see how easy it was for you.

Quote 3 – Memories 

There was a time, when I wasn’t so alone. Now I wake up with your memories and sleep with your absence.

Each day I wake up with your memories.
Each night I sleep with your absence.

20 Quotes for Broken heart.

Quote 4 – Reminds me. 

Since you are gone, I am reminded of you by the cold biting winter night, instead of the warming sun that used to.

The warm and bright winter sun reminds me of you, when we met.
The cold biting winter night remind me of you when you left. 

Quote 5 – Wish You Never Came 

It is so painful for me to say, but I have to admit that I wish you never came, so that I’d be spared the pain.

Now that you are gone, I wish to be cared the pain.
And it hurts me more to admit that I wish you never came.

Quote 6 – Someone New. 

I don’t want to bother you, but the fear I sleep with is that you may have found someone new. 

What keeps me coming back to you, 
is the fear that you have found someone new.

20 Quotes for Broken heart.

Quote 7 – Making Up Lies 

I admit that I have a broken heart. But since there no way out of it, I’ll make believe in lies. 

It hurts a bit, but it’s alright, I’ll learn to live, in sometime.
There’s a lot of broken things, but I’ll be fine.
I’ll make believe and smile by making up lies. 

Quote 8 – Stranger. 

You can go ahead and pull all the strings you want to control me. But these strings are actually loosening, the strings that stitched your memories together.

You’re turning into a stranger 
Pulling the strings in me 
Then go on, it may not last long
For you’re loosing the stitches,
That wove your memories. 

Quote 9 – Falling in Love.

The reason it is called falling in love is because you eventually hit the ground.

Quote 10 – Eyes Conveyed. 

What you told me hurt a lot, but I knew since your eyes had already said it all.

You didn’t have to say, 
what your eyes already conveyed.

20 Quotes for Broken heart.

Quote 11 – The Pain.

I don’t think you feel the same pain, the pain that I feel when I think of losing your memories.

Do you feel the pain when you think about me?
The pain I feel when I think of parting,
from your memories.

Quote – 12 – No Closeness.

Why were we hurt? When we never used any words? And why did we fear of going apart? When there was no closeness.

We both were hurt by words never spoken. 
Why you fear for a rift, when there was no closeness.

Quote 13 – The Reason 

You were the reason I could go through the suffering. But now you are gone, so how can I hold on?

How can I try to hold on when every reason worth suffering for is gone?

Quote 14 – Paint with it. 

Your intentions were to break my heart, so I broke it for you. And even though you lack the love I have, I still want to be with you.

I broke my heart, so you don’t have to break it.
All your colors are black and grey, yet I want to paint with it. 

20 Quotes for Broken heart.

Quote 15 – Acid Smile. 

Maybe I could use your cold eyes to stop this fire inside me. Maybe I can use your acid smile to erase your memories.

Look at me with those cold eyes and that acid smile,
so that I can wipe your name off my mind. 

Quote 16 – Murdered Hope.

To tell you exactly why it is painful for me that you are gone, you have to take a look. You’ll see scattered corpses of murdered hope.

It is hard for me to let this go,
because take a walk inside my heart. 
You’ll see scattered corpses of murdered hope.

Quote 17 – Belonged to You, Always.

You breaking my heart hurt me, but it was okay. It was yours from the beginning.

You broke my heart, but its okay. 
It belonged to your always.

Quote 18 – Charismatic Catastrophe.

You were such a charismatic catastrophe that you made me, by breaking me.

She broke me and she made me, such charismatic catastrophe was she. 

Quote 19 – Dreams

Even when my heart is broken, it still wants to dream of you.

My heart is broken, full of pain and your memories
But even when it is like this, you are the only things that it dreams of.

Quote 20 – Let it go.

I have tried my best, but maybe my best isn’t something you want. 

I tried my best,
But my best wasn’t needed by you.
So I let it all go,
It is hard for me to be with you.

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