This Disclaimer page here is to inform the visitors about how this site makes money. We have decided to keep Wordsverse free for the visitors, forever. However, we cannot operate an organization that requires active workers and resources to operate on a daily basis. To support the people who work at Wordsverse and to support the website and make it keep running, we make money via various methods that will be described below.

How we make money.

There is no upfront cost for people who visit our website. We strive to give the visitors a great experience and comprehensive information for free. But to make money, we also show them advertisements which are relevant to their needs. This is achieved by Google Ads which evaluates the visitors cookies and presents relevant ads. Apart from that, we are also planning to integrate native advertisement, but that is not relevant at the time being.

So the Advert Banners that you see amidst the posts and articles are our source of income.

Other ways we make money is by affiliate links. When you see a link to some products and click on them and end up buying it, we earn a small share from that, as you went to buy the product through us. To support this website and show love to us, we recommend that if you intend on buying something, use our links so that it is beneficial for both of us.

So if you buy from our links, does it cost you more?
Not at all. In fact, in many cases it costs you less as companies look for promotion in websites when they are running some campaigns.

Do we collect your personal information when you visit our affiliate links?
No, not at all. Your click and visit is recorded by the website you buy from, (Amazon, etc) anonymously. This means that they can see someone visited their website from our links. That’s it. No other details involved.

We also request you to whitelist our website from any adblocking service that you may use. You don’t have to, but it would be helpful for us to support our site if you did. We try not to put too many excessive ads that will cause any form of hinderance to your experience.

IMPORTANT : Since you choose and visit the affiliate sites via our links and show love to us, it is our utmost duty to reciprocate the love to you. We will never refer to you anything without giving you all the details about it, 100% transparency. We believe that you deserve the best and we will do our best to recommend the best products. We test the product, we make sure you are provided with all the information regarding it. We make sure that the product is good and then we recommend you to buy it.