About Us.

Wordsverse means a Universe of Words. And that is what we try to do in practicality. In this pursuit to create a universe of words, we try to write about literature. But this is not limited only to certain books. Storytelling is present everywhere that you. From verbal to cinematic to written. Some convey stories of love, some convey stories of tears. That is why stories are so human. They are the representation of our emotions. That is what Wordsverse aims to do.

So we try and write about movies, books, TV shows, anything that tells a story. We also plan to create our own stories which you can be a part of. By submitting your own creation. So look around see the stories that surrounds you. This is a written account of human species. This is Wordsverse.

Wordsverse is a part of the InterSapien network started by Pranay Mishra. The network holds 6 other websites that try and encompass various fields of human knowledge.